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If you are not learning technology of today then you can’t be part of a successful workforce of tomorrow. With our online certification courses you just don’t master the technology, you also get recognition. We are sure that this will get you the dream job and a shining that you want to have. Our online courses will provide you a personalized learning experience giving you enough flexibility of schedule/time and saving a lot of money and time for you.

AI is an integral technology in autonomous vehicles, healthcare and is slowly revolutionizing the world as we know it.

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Expert Team

Our courses are developed by team of experts who have
real expertise in the same domain. They know what is
best for you and how to deliver it to you. Courses are
finalized after proper scruiting, minimising chances
of any error.

Consistent Guidance & Doubt Resolution

Our expert team would always be there for you to
clear any doubt regarding subject matter or providing
you guidance regarding the course you are taking.

Personalized Learning

You can watch our videos in your laptop/tablet at your
homes whenever you want. Saving lot of time and money
that you would be spending at coaching centres in megacities.

One Stop Solution

We will be providing everything that you need to
develop relevant skills and lead a path to success
in corporate world.

Advance your Career

This program was built to ensure that you learn the right skills which are necessary to succeed.

Be Right On Target

With our accurate and guidance scientific teaching methods you can acquire skills and knowledge which is essential for making you what you want to be.

Learn with Ease

You don’t have to go through tons of coaching materials and lots of stress analyzing what to study from where to study. Learn with us sitting at your homes in comfort what is essential.

Learning Community

By joining groups you can have peers to learn and compete with. It certainly helps in assessing yourself and eases the path to success.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction 00:00:00
What are we going to discuss? 00:00:00
Why AI? 00:00:00
Where to get the Materials 00:00:00
Q-Learning Intuition
What is reinforcement learning? 00:00:00
Plan of Attack 00:00:00
The Bellman Equation 00:00:00
Markov Decision Process 00:00:00
The “Plan” 00:00:00
Policy vs Plan 00:00:00
Q-Learning Intuition 00:00:00
Q-Learning Visualization 00:00:00
Temporal Difference 00:00:00
Deep Q-Learning (Self Driving Cars) & Deep Q-Learning Intuition
Deep Q-Learning (Self-Driving Cars) 00:00:00
Deep Q-Learning Intuition – Learning 00:00:00
Deep Q-Learning Intuition – Acting 00:00:00
Plan of Attack 00:00:00
Action Selection Policies 00:00:00
Experience Replay 00:00:00
Creating the Environment & Building the AI
Self Driving Car – Step 1 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 2 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 3 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 4 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 5 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 6 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 7 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 8 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 9 00:00:00
Self Driving Car – Step 10 00:00:00
Testing your AI
Testing – Level 1 00:00:00
Testing – Level 2 00:00:00
Testing – Level 3 00:00:00
Testing – Level 4 00:00:00
Deep Convolutional Q-Learning (Doom) & Deep Convolutional Q-Learning Intuition
Deep Convolutional Q-Learning (Doom) 00:00:00
Deep Convolutional Q-Learning Intuition 00:00:00
Eligibility Trace 00:00:00
Plan of Attack 00:00:00
A3C (Breakout) & A3C Intuition
A3C (Breakout) 00:00:00
The three A’s in A3C 00:00:00
Asynchronous 00:00:00
Actor-Critic 00:00:00
Advantage 00:00:00
LSTM Layer 00:00:00
Augmented Random Search (ARS)
Overview of Augmented Random Search (ARS) 00:00:00
ARS vs other AI 00:00:00
Basic vs Augmented Random Search 00:00:00
How does a perceptron work? 00:00:00
Maximising Rewards 00:00:00
Method of Finite Differences 00:00:00
Artificial Neural Networks
What is Deep Learning? 00:00:00
How do Neural Networks work? 00:00:00
How do Neural Networks learn? 00:00:00
The Neuron 00:00:00
The Activation Function 00:00:00
Convolutional Neural Networks
What are convolutional neural networks? 00:00:00
Step 1 – Convolution Operation 00:00:00
Step 2 – Pooling 00:00:00
Step 3 – Flattening 00:00:00
Step 4 – Full Connection 00:00:00
Softmax & Cross-Entropy 00:00:00



How can I get this course?

Click over “BUY NOW” Button given below the course, you will be redirected to online payments page. Payment can be done online via different modes of payment like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, E-wallets etc.

What do I get?

Depends upon what you choose. You can either enroll for live classes or purchase a tablet/SD card course.

How are live classes different from SD card/tablet courses?

Live classes will be streamed online through our platform on scheduled time. You can watch the streaming session along with other learners, ask your doubts immediately and get them resolved. While tablet/SD card courses are pre-recorded which you can watch whenever you want. Although live streamed videos will remain available to watch-re watch upto a certain time period.

How do I get my doubts resolved?

In live classes you can ask your doubts immediately where it will be resolved by our experts immediately. In case of tablet/SD card courses you can mail your doubts/questions to the mail id provided. Your doubts will be resolved within 24 hours by our experts.

How many number of times can I watch the videos?

You can watch video courses as many times as you want, during the validity duration of the course. However, after the validity period videos will get vanished from SD card/tablet. Although SD card/tablet will be yours to use onwards.

What will be the validity duration of courses?

It will be mentioned for each course. You’ll have the options to choose any of the mentioned plans.

What if I miss my scheduled live class?

No worries at all. Each and every video will be available after each live session. You can watch that when you get time. You can also watch them any number of time during the course duration.

Do I need some software or special tool to play lecture videos?

No. You can play our videos on regular video players. Also our live courses will be streamed on our website so you don’t need any special software or tool for that.

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