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Firstskool invites you to join their initiative so that you can share your technical knowledge and reach out to millions of students around the world.  The idea behind this project is to help students to improve their skills with the latest industry-oriented course.

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We work on the fact that hobbies resemble a part of you when it’s done passionately and with sheer cooperation while you teach students.It becomes more flexible to you as the burden is lifted off while you teach and prosper together with us.

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Being in our team, you become a source for those bright student who need upliftment and in turn get support from everyone.Skills are the asset today in this fast paced world. Students need them as the end user of this propagation and you can make difference.

Great Connection

We strive forward to join hand in hand to bring the whole purpose down to learning and in return getting the best out of us.Our Connection defines us. We connect to you with the hope of you reaching out to us in every possible way and get help vice versa.

Beautiful Stories

As you join us, the story begins as a family.There are numerous stories we like to share with our people of overcoming the errors and fear and making the most of the opportunities.Stories have defined us as we create them by uniting teachers and students together.

Find purpose

We try to give you a purpose and choose a motive to start a great career with us.Life is all about finding purposes and meanings and with us you would find small purposes which will lead you to a glorious life.Join us and give us a purpose and to you too.

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